Vineyard Birds II, authored by local birding experts Susan B. Whiting ("Soo") and Barbara B. Pesch (2007), provides an annotated checklist of the birds of Martha's Vineyard Island, in Massachusetts, USA, complete with beautiful hand drawn illustrations and photos.

Local and visiting birders will find this book an invaluable guide as it focuses exclusively on the birds of Martha's Vineyard and identifies specific island locations where particular species are likely to be observed.

The book makes a great gift for lovers of birds and Martha's Vineyard.

Book Cover Vineyard Birds II

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Birders anywhere will enjoy learning about the diverse birds on Martha's Vineyard, which provides no less than eight distinct habitats:

  • Coastal Waters
  • Shorelines
  • Ponds & Marshes (fresh)
  • Ponds & Marshes (salt)
  • Pelagic Areas
  • Woodlands
  • Fields & Meadows
  • Backyards

Other pages on this site offer resources and information that will be of interest to bird enthusiasts anywhere in the world.

Sample Illustrations and Content Vineyard Birds II - Click to enlarge
Sample Illustrations and Content
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Gray Catbird Vineyard Birds II
Gray Catbird
Ponds & Marshes (Fresh)

Sample From Checklist Vineyard Birds II - Click to enlarge
Sample from Checklist
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Black Duck Vineyard Birds II
Black Duck
Ponds & Marshes (Salt)

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Double-Crested Cormorant Vineyard Birds II
Double-Crested Cormorant
Coastal Waters